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Overall a nice experience at center


I appeared for GMAT at Ahmedabad, India test center thrice. The center is located in a shopping complex near Jodhpur Cross Roads.

The center is in one of the shops of the complex and is not that big or lush. Just basic facilities such as lockers, drinking water and lavatories are available. The capacity of the center is six persons at a time.

The lady, moderator at the center, is extremely polite and co-operative. While appearing for the test I was suffering from flu and I informed her of the situation, and she willingly offered me a seat which was away from Air conditioner. She will always greet you whenever you enter the center and will also wish you luck before the exam starts and after every break.

Still one would find some disturbances because the center is in shopping complex and prone to some noise.

Overall, it was a good experience appearing for GMAT at this center.

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