July 24, 2017

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Mumbai Test Center - Andheri


I had my GMAT on 21 July 2017. Had booked an appointment 3 months in advance. The place is somewhat difficult to get into. It is located inside a corporate park. It is advisable to reach the center atleast 1 hour before your scheduled time. I reached at 11.45 am for 1pm appointment. They let me in at 12.00 pm. There is no provision to wait outside the center. Be aware of that and dont turn up too early. After letting me in the staff explained to me the basic rules of GMAT test centers. The staff was warm, welcoming and polite. Restrooms were clean and tidy. Lockers were not too big, not tiny either. They would just fit you backpack, if its folded onto itself. DO NOT CARRY you books and other materials.
ONE disappointment was that since i started with my V-Q-IR-AWA, i did not use up my scratch pad in Verbal. However, I was not given a fresh scratch pad for Quant and the staff suggested that i should first use up the Scratchpad , only then I would get a new one. This was contrary to my belief that fresh scratch pad can be accessed as per your wish. Alter your strategy accordingly.

All in all my experience was pleasant and I will definitely recommend the center to people.

September 05, 2017

Do they provide test takers with ear plugs? If you could tell us about the quality of the same.
Also, what's the average time one takes to leave the seat and get back in during the optional break?

September 05, 2017

They do provide generic ear plugs. Cant comment on quality, I myself did not use them. Apart from the ear plugs, they have those heavy headphones, which are excellent for noise cancellation,incase you are next to someone who's attempting AWA.
The average time to leave your seat after raising your hand is 30 sec. The supervisors are prompt and helpful. Luckily the place isnt too big. You can easily have washroom break, have food, relax a minute or two and be back at your place within 8 min.
All the best.

September 10, 2017

Hey @fitzpratik
Can you please tell me that was there any disturbance while you were giving your exam? As you didn't use the earplugs provided by them. Is it a quiet place?

September 10, 2017

The place is quite enough. It's located at the ground floor of a business Park. Only disturbance at the exam venue may come from another candidate attempting AWA

October 05, 2017

Any review of GMAT Test Center - Hinduja College of Commerce, Mumbai. Suggestions will be appreciated as there are no slots in the Pearson Andheri, Mumbai Center left for early Dec 2017.

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