November 19, 2019

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Good test centre, has qwerty keyboard


My overall test center experience was great,

1. Location
- easy to find, i took a taxi to the test centre

2. Parking
- didnt use, so no comments

3. Washroom
- Clean and tidy , big enough as per paris standards

4. Test center invigilators
- strict & pleasant

5. Earplugs the typical orange ones were provided

6. English keyboard/QWERTY was available

7. Lockers
- One is assigned a private locker to keep "ALL" the belongings , you can access the same during breaks to have snack/drink, dont access your phone/notes , they wil be in the same locker,

8. Are you thirsty? Don't worry!
- A cold/hot water dispenser is available

9. Environment
- Silent and bright, quite big sized room
This is actually a peasron office and there is a designated reception area for people giving tests/ then you are escorted in the WAR room

10. Temperature
- Moderate (Not too hot, not too cold), i was wearing a light sweater

11. Keyboard & mouse
- Great quality (The condition is good so don't worry about sounds), english keyboard

12. Chair
- Very comfortable

13. One scratchpad & one marker pen was given
-marker will dry out if you keep it open (GMAC, how can you be so naive to give such a faulty marker worldwide, closing the cap/opening it during an exam where time is everything is unacceptable, i am going to send a note to GMAT on this, not that i would be the only one/first one)

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