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May 01 | 2012
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Yes - school of my dreams

This review is for: ARINGO Hourly Services

I worked with Aringo for my applications for the class of 2014.

I heard good things about Aringo from some colleagues and friends of mine so I decided to give them a shot and contacted them via their website

After a few hours tops, this lovely lady contacted me and explained the entire process and the different products they were offering. I compared their services with two other companies and it was clear their value was the best. Yes, it wasn't cheap, but the other companies weren't cheap too, and I knew there was no point of saving a few dollars and risk getting in my dream school with a company that wasn't as good. After bargaining with them a bit (yes, you can, and it's worth it) they gave me a great price, and I was pretty sure I would pick them, but first I wanted to be sure the consultant they offered me was a good fit for me. Aringo was happy to set me a Skype conversation with Yigal. We spoke for about an hour and I had no more doubt, he was amazing! You could tell he is not another MBA consultant that just finished his MBA, but a true expert in MBA applications that was doing it for a profession for many years.

I was in a very tight schedule since we were already in July and I wanted to send five applications by round 1. Yigal helped me build a schedule for the entire application process and almost every time I sent him my essays, he replied within 24 hours, but in no circumstance more than 2 days. Eventually I was able to finish everything in time and it was in the highest standard.

Not only did I get into my dream school, I also got a scholarship worth more than 25,000 dollars, and my GMAT is below 700! Aringo is true to their word, they surely can get you into top schools with GMAT lower than 720, I am just one example for that.

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