April 27, 2015

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Product ARINGO Hourly Services

Consultant Hadas

I teamed up with Hadas, my Aringo consultant in Oct, leaving less than three months for preparation of my CV, essays and recommendations. She is a very critical, collaborative and encouraging person to work with. After closely working with her for three months, not only my application package was greatly improved, I also learnt so much from her about networking, teamwork and also language.

Being a very experienced consultant, Hadas advised me to reach out more current students and alumni to chat about the school and the program from the beginning of my application process. She was also kind enough to connect me with several of her personal friends who graduated from my target schools so that I could have a more comfortable start of the process. I later found that taking initiatives in the networking was a very crucial step, because it allowed me to know a lot of smart and approachable people and also gain great insight of the program that no one could find out merely through researching the school’s webpage. Without Hadas’ effort to emphasize on the networking, I may be satisfied with going to the information sessions as most of my peer applicants did and may fail to show the AO my strong commitment and in-depth understanding of the program in my essays and later in my interviews.

Teamwork on the content
Working with an Aringo consultant does not mean you will have someone to write the essays for you, but better – you will have fresh and critical eye on YOUR story and you will get a chance to present YOURSELF in the best way you could imagine. When I started my first few drafts of the essays, Hadas reverted to me with kinds of comments on the content. She was really open to me if she found my content was not strong enough and she also contributed through what she called “fishing for ideas”, which means she asked questions like “Could you quantify the business impact of project success”, “Could you elaborate why this was difficult to achieve for your team” and etc. Our discussions helped me to think deeper about every example I gave in the essays so that I could presented my key strengths within the few hundred words limit and made my essay easier to understand by someone who is not in my industry.

Editing on the language
Hadas gave me a great hand in the essay editing. She was really efficient as she always reverted in 2 days for my drafts. She helped me to cut my draft within the word limit while preserved and enhanced the important examples, experience and learning point in my essays.

Preparing for the application package while still having a full time job could be tough and sometimes frustrated, especially when I spent a whole weekend drafting the essays but Hadas reverted with so many comments a few days later. However it didn’t take me long to really appreciate the partnership with Hadas, because she was so committed to increase my chance of admission and she had a lot of expertise to help me. Moreover, she always encouraged me when I felt frustrated for my progress and cheered for me when I completed a final draft that both of us satisfied and when I got an interview invitation or an offer in the later stage of the application. Looking back, I felt I was so lucky to have engaged Aringo and met Hadas in my application; I would probably not achieve a top-10 business school if I didn’t have the experts stand by me.

Last but not least, I would also like to take this opportunity to thank Chaya for introducing the Aringo services to me and matching me with my great consultant, also thank Gilad for making the whole billing and payment process so easy.

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