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December 01 | 2015
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Since I had around 9 years of pre-MBA experience, this program suits me in the sense that it provides me an opportunity to quickly finish the studies and get back to the corporate world. ISB provides a lot of job opportunities in the technology, sales/marketing, consulting, eCommerce, operations, and general management space.

Applicants should not worry much about the GMAT score and should concentrate on improving the overall profile of their application. A decent GMAT score with an outstanding application and a solid interview will definitely open the doors of ISB for you.

So do apply to ISB if you love the school.

Best of luck.

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Created by shubhamlata2012

November 16, 2016

How effective is ISB PGP for an engineer like me, aspiring to have a career shift towards management, and have had an experience of 5.5 years but have only been associated in support job.
Currently, not certain about any specialization and so inclined pretty much towards General Management.
Any feedback is appreciated!
Thanks in advance!
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