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July 11 | 2017
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During my first couple of months at ISB, I was overwhelmed by the pace at which things were moving around me - Club activities, Student Body elections, Events, Workshops etc. It was like a proper buffet and I tried to bite more than I can chew. And I faltered spectacularly. My Grades went for a toss, put in insane amount of effort on things/activities that yielding paltry output. That is when, I realized the importance of focus. With the support of my wonderful study group mates and professors, I started paying attention to doing only those things that I can only find in a B-school. Brainstormed crazy ideas, Participated in umpteen B-plan competitions, Took up challenging term-end projects - all under the guidance of some of the brilliant professors on this planet. The learning from all these interactions made that 1 year the most memorable year of my life. The experience surpassed all the lofty expectations I have had at the start of the program.

Advice to future applicants - Experiment as much as you can during your time at ISB. The feedback you get at ISB on the success/failure of these experiments is priceless.

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Created by adeolubakare87

July 24, 2017

hi saicharantej99 Thanks for your ISB review. As a Nigerian, It will be helpful to know more the impact on your Post-MBA career and how the ISB brand is received outside India.

Created by saicharantej99

July 24, 2017

ISB has had a huge impact on my career. I was able to make the transition from a Product Support Engineer role to a Product Management role owing to my stint at ISB. The courses I have taken and the Student projects I was involved with, played a huge role in this transition. This experience and the network I forged have been immensely helpful during my career as a Product Manager.

Outside India, ISB is slowly building its reputation. We have a strong alumni network spread across several countries including Nigeria. Also, there are ample opportunities for International exposure during the 1-yr program with B-plan competitions, Exchange Programs, Study trips etc.

Please let me know if you need any more information. All the very best in your endeavors!
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