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I used admissionado’s for UNC and Emory, and the decision is not out yet, but I will surely be writing a long detailed review later… just got an admit from my backup school - IVEY with a 30K scholarship and I wanted to write a quick short review :)
I am an Indian IT male, with an avg non IIT undergrad, avg GMAT (well at least for an Indian applicant). When I started out on this journey, I was in doubt on whether I would be even able to crack the top 25. I am so glad I connected with Jon Frank on GMAT club first and Lauren then matched me up with Spencer for the first call.
First impression: Wowed. Spencer was just awesome, very involved, honest, and personable at the same time – none of the consultants I spoke to, had such expertise on schools, professors, actual connections, or industry expertise.

I want to point out that essays are extremely important, and take a lot of time. Spencer made my action plan and I started realizing how this helped me dig deep, think and think about those little insignificant incidents in my life that turned out to be the unique differences.

I wanted to write such essays that the best schools would have a hard time rejecting me without an interview. Spencer really pushed me, but in a positive motivating way, giving me advice and anecdotes

The turnaround time is amazingly fast, professional and the edits are down to each character and full of pointed logical thought provoking feedback and ideas. My essays look so much better, and thank God I didn’t submit my original ones--that would have been a disaster.

The best part about Admissionado is that there is no pretense, no BS, just straight out quality service. Spencer is an amazing mentor, and I would highly recommend him. I have a lot to say but that’s for my second review.

And I know how difficult the app process is, so if anyone wants some more insight, send me a PM--I'd be happy to help!

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