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If somebody asks me about my experience with Admissionado, I would recommend them without hesitation and say it was a pleasure working with those guys which resulted in my acceptance to Kellogg 2Y Program :)

I decided to seek for consultant support after being dinged without interview last year at each of three schools I was applying to. Because the process of writing essays is completely non-existent in my country, I thought this might be the biggest area of improvement.

After talking to several consultants I decided to go for Admissionado. I liked their combination of general outlook on my candidacy provided by MBA alum and essay editing support by a professional writer.

Phillip, my consultant, was very helpful and supportive throughout the process. He challenged my ideas on essays and provided some suggestions on stories that might work better based on my resume. It proved effective because I put emphasis on other experiences than in previous year's applications and eventually got 2/3 interviews and one acceptance letter versus to 0/3 the year before :)

Long story short, I got what I needed - an improvement in my essay writing skills which got me to one of my target schools. It was delivered very professionally and with likable style which made the process of putting my stories on paper very smooth and effective. Thanks Phillip, Lauren and all you guys who helped me with my application! :)

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