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My experience with Magoosh Premium Account.


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Hello Guys. Over the past few months I have seen a lot of posts enquiring about Magoosh. So today I, being a Magoosh Premium Member, thought let me write a review about my personal experience with Magoosh in order to help future test takers. Please note that I already had my cozy date with the GMAT before I enrolled for their premium account, I have 710 Q48 V38 and am looking towards improving my GMAT score a little bit more, precisely a 750.

What persuaded you to take the Magoosh Premium Account?

Well I had written the GMAT before and I felt that I was weak in my basics. Also I needed some sort of strategy for the kinds of sums I do. I don’t really need another book on SC or CR, What I required was strengthening my previous knowledge. So I asked my friend, a Magoosh user, about the way the course is structured. After I got my own account I was surprised to see the number of videos these guys have made.

What kind of videos do you get access to?

All kinds, From the difference between GRE to GMAT to How to attack RC and CR problems. I could see that there are more than a 100 videos, covering lots of concepts such Probability and Combinations, Essential and Non- Essential Modifiers etc. All the videos(100+) are made by Mike McGary ( Yes the legendary Magoosh Instructor on the forum) with a few made by Chris Lele. The videos are bullet videos i.e crisp and straight to the point. They also have an Idiom Flash card tool that you can use to revise Idioms daily.

How are the questions? Are they GMAT like?

The questions are top notch! See they have limited questions but each question has a new technique or strategy to teach! You could do 100 questions that are similar or do 10 questions that are testing/teaching different concepts.

You didn’t tell anything about whether they are GMAT like?

They are strictly in the boundaries of GMAT. Not brutal, not deceiving, but yes tricky.

Ok so the questions are good, so what about the answer explanations?

They are very good. Each answer explanation has a video recording. I am guy who likes to watch videos and not read from the book. So it fitted me well. Also when you see a person explaining a concept you tend to retain things better and by better I mean for the long term.

Will I get a 780 by using their course?

780 depends on a lot of factors. Your skill, your effort, your comprehension speed, your reaction time and your knowledge. Use the course to enhance your preparation. This wont be a magical bullet for a 780 but a bullet to cover knowledge gaps and make you practice your weak areas.

How do I best use their course?

‘Best’ is a subjective word. Here is what I am doing- Watch all the videos, take mini mock tests (Q37 V41 Questions), do error analysis and make flash cards for my weak areas.

Sounds convincing, but wait they are charging a substantial price for their course. What is their USP?

If you get a good score you will end up with a huge (

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