February 28, 2017

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A not so good not so bad experience


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Course Magoosh Premium

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I I started preparing for my GMAT in September 2016 and Signed Up for the Magoosh Premium.
The Maths part was good.
I was getting 620+ on Magoosh CATS and GMATPrep Exams.
But on my Actual GMAT, I got 550.
I would not like to blame Magoosh for what happened but yes, their course is not for everyone, especially non-native English Speakers.
Their Maths course is good and the Questions are also OKOK.
But, after a certain point the questions start to repeat themselves and you start to memorize answers.
I would suggest people to only go in for that course if you are looking for a score boost in Quant at an economical rate.

I would reccomend E-GMAT for Verbal and Manhattan Books for Quant to Everyone along with atleast 1-2 hours everyday on GMATClub solving concept questions and Solving OG Questions.
I am rescheduling my GMAT in August and going along with E-GMAT and Manhattan Books coupled with OG and GMAT Club Concept Questions.

Hoping This will make a difference.

Here is my final verdict on Magoosh

Verbal - **
Two Stars as for an intermediate learner their content is good

Quant - ***
Three Stars as for a beginner they can get you half way, not full way

IR - **
Two Stars as for an intermediate learner their content is good

AWA - *****
They can get you the 6 score in AWA

June 25, 2017

wow... this was the most veridical feedback! I'm in doubt between E-Gmat ($ 299 for Q/V) and Magoosh ($ 149 for Q/V).
Can you give more details about your Magoosh and E-Gmat experience?

Tks a lot

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