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Manhattan Prep - great GMAT course, highly recommend


Jamie is an amazing instructor, in addition to being a very nice person and sincerely cares about the students and their progress through the MBA journey. Many times she provided alternate explanations to help us understand how to solve the question in different ways, and was able to manage the different knowledge levels between the students. She made class very enjoyable and personally motivated and inspired me to continue the focus.

I really enjoyed the format, teaching style, and classroom of the program. The online platform, books, and mobile app were very well designed and user friendly and I used them until the last test. The other staff I met, either when troubleshooting technical issues or in doing post course assessment, was equally helpful and pleasant.

I had a great experience with Manhattan Prep and would highly recommend the program to anyone. I had many friends taking prep courses from other providers and by comparison it seems I had a much better learning experience at MPrep!

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