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Highly recommend Temitope and John


I had a fantastic experience working with Temitope Abereoje and John Buckingham (both HBS alumni), and was accepted at HBS, Wharton and Booth. Temi was my day to day contact, working closely with me on drafting my story, translating that into essays, and going over resume and interview preparation. John was the senior adviser and provided feedback on final versions of my essays as well as interview prep.

Highlights from my experience:
- Greatly appreciated Temi’s turnaround time and detailed feedback on my essay drafts, and any questions I had. Due to work demands I often didn’t have as long a lead time as suggested, but she still managed to review my work under tight timelines and provided clear suggestions that I really think notably improved my story / overall application
- One time I had an urgent question late at night and she made herself available immediately at 10pm to speak on the phone with me – that’s how helpful she was
- Most memorable part was how kind, thoughtful and funny she was – it felt like I was talking with a friend, she’d been through the process herself. E.g., when it came to interview prep, she helped identify subtle gesture and wording changes I should work on to strike the right impression
- John was also invaluable in providing honest, school-specific advice and improving the direction of my essays and confidence entering the interviews

Consultants may not be for everyone – I do have friends successful in their admissions process who only asked for advice and essay reviews from family, friends and bosses, but for me, it was definitely worth it to have professionals as a sounding board as it removed a significant amount of stress and uncertainty from the process. I would highly recommend Temi and John.

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