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I was fortunate enough to take mbaMission's first ever "Constructing a Standout Application Boot Camp" this summer in Chicago.

To say it is money extremely well spent is an understatement. There are probably people out there that may not need this class to get them over "the hump," but for all of us mortals that have aspects of their applications to be worried about, this is THE CLASS to take. Get your GMAT score out of the way a good six months before your applications are due, and then focus on the application by taking this class.

My instructor was Angela Guido. Angela is a former Admissions Committee member at Chicago Booth that has made assisting MBA admissions candidates her life's work. She is EXTREMELY passionate about what she does, and there was not one point in the class where I thought, "I wonder if she really knows what she's talking about?" There is no question that you are getting exceptional advice from her. She manages to make the class fun, and even thought-provoking, which I did not expect. Applying to b-school forces you to put all your cards on the table, and I learned a lot about my strengths and shortcomings in so doing. Angela leads the way, but you also learn a lot from your peers in the class.

Here's what you get:

1. What admissions committees are looking for
2. Pitfalls that you must avoid
3. What about your and your experiences will standout to admissions departments
4. How to tell your "story," and make the admissions committees understand why they should give you a chance

The experience was invaluable, and in my opinion, it is every bit as important as taking a GMAT prep class.

5-stars. Bite the bullet, pony up the cash, and don't look back.

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