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I took the online bootcamp in Dec 2011. The program is designed for working professionals with a 8-11PM EST schedule for 4 sessions. Although there is an onsite version in certain cities, I felt that the online format had its own advantages in perhaps letting us share freely with each other, which was very helpful for some of the exercises and exchanging feedback. The software/website used for the class is like a more fun version of Webex.

For the first three sessions, we covered:
-Overall application process, what schools are looking for. There were only 6 students in my bootcamp so we had plenty of opportunities to ask individual questions. I think we all overlapped on some schools anyway.
-Essays: the meat of the course. Types of essays, brainstorming and organization, storytelling methods, do's and don'ts, critiques and samples.
Exercises accompanied the topics. For example, we would think of memorable life experiences to share to demonstrate story elements. We also spent a few minutes here and there to write sample excerpts, beginnings, endings, and resume elements.
I might have left out some topics but these were the ones I focused on.

The fourth session was scheduled a week after the third and was slotted for 1:1 private essay critiques with each of us. We sent Angela our essays along with some other homework before the last session.

The instructor Angela really shed some light on the essays for me. Toward the end, she let us bring up any non-traditional essay questions that stumped us and we explored it together with the class under her guidance. These exercises sewed the seeds for what would develop in my head over the next few days. Without them, I would likely have written many throw-away drafts before achieving any similar coherence and depth.

Angela was an energetic and fun instructor who knew how to respond individually to each of our styles to bring out our stories. She offered to hang around after every class for extra questions at after 11PM her time. Her enjoyment of teaching and helping came through every session. I didn't know about this beforehand but you can sign up for a 30min free consultation with MBAmission and request Angela if you'd like to chat with her first and ask about the program.

Overall Value:
In addition to the course, we got the MBAmission application guide book and our choice of one detailed school report. Combined with 9 hours of class time and a 1:1 essay review, the total value for the price of roughly two application fees was an easy choice for me. I recommend it without hesitation, especially with Angela, whether you're just starting the application process or are only weeks from deadlines like I was.

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