A Critical Jumpstart
March 14 | 2012
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The reviewer was admit to the schools that they applied to:

Some, but not all

Consultant: Angela Guido

I'm a busy lady and I decided to do this whole MBA thing last-minute - and woefully underestimated how much time and energy it would take.

I took the Boot Camp course to get oriented in the process and understand how I should be approaching the application, essays in particular. The course did that and more - it actually forced me to start in on actual essay work, which got me moving far ahead of when I would have started otherwise, and really motivated me once I understood how seriously I needed to take the essays - i.e. just being a "good writer" doesn't get you terribly far, it's really a specific writing craft that takes a lot of thought, time and revision - this course certainly prevented me from shortchanging it.

Angela is simply fantastic - she's the reason I actually took the course content to heart. I am skeptical of services like this and she was immediately credible, authoritative and clearly passionate about helping people do the very best they could with these apps. She sold me on the service and I used mbaMission for even more help subsequently.

I think this course gives you the tools you need to pull off the most important written aspects of the application well. I have gotten interviews at both schools I applied to (decisions havent come out yet) - they were extremely competitive and this program gave be very sound footing towards a real shot at both.

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