Worth the money - just do it!!
November 12 | 2012
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The reviewer was admit to the schools that they applied to:

Some, but not all

Consultant: Angela Guido

This class was absolutely worth the money, and more, beyond what it costs. Angela is engaging and friendly, yet no-nonsense.

The classes were engaging and went at a steady pace - I never was bored or felt overwhelmed. If anything I would suggest that they be harder sticklers about doing the homework (I didn't do mine....) because, like the rest of the class, the homework was extremely helpful as well!

During class we worked on everything from essay writing (whooaa before I took this class was I ever way off) to the resume to getting in the mentality of the AdCom. I've been complimented on my resume many times but it looked like a piece of garbage before I learned what we did in the class.

Totally would recommend these guys - just pony up the cash and do it, you won't regret it!

And I say I got into "some, but not all" of my schools, but I haven't heard back from the yet, so I don't know. But did this improve my application? 100%

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