April 08, 2015

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I worked with Adam Grossman on the entire application process for five schools. He provided great guidance throughout every step of the process - from school selection to interview prep.

Working with Adam significantly improved my applications. Through brainstorming sessions he helped my identify which of my experiences would be most interesting to Admissions Committee members. For example, I had a number of different personal experiences that I thought could be interesting to discuss in an essay, but Adam gave me direction on which exact experiences conveyed the attributes of a successful MBA candidate. Additionally, he helped me frame my narrative in a way that highlighted my strengths while still conveying why I needed an MBA. He also did a great job editing my essays.

Working with Adam took a lot of the stress out of the process. He is very knowledgeable and was very responsive to every question I had. Applicants will have a million different questions while applying to MBA programs, and it is extremely helpful to have someone you can speak with who can effectively answer any question you might have.

The only downside to working with mbadmissions is the price tag, but I feel that it was a great investment. I would recommend Adam and mbamission highly.

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