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I can’t say enough about good things about mbaMission and the very thorough (but enjoyable) process I’ve been through in the past few months planning my MBA applications! The process can seem a bit daunting at the beginning, as Angela encourages you to do a lot of self-reflection in her “Exploring Your Experiences” document, but I can guarantee that the time spent here helps make later stages in the application process SO much easier!

After I evaluated my past experiences, core values, and what I want to gain from my MBA, Angela helped me evaluate my specific candidacy and select a mix of schools that fit my profile. Angela emphasizes “aiming for the stars while keeping your feet on the ground,” and I’m confident that I’ve selected a good mix of schools (reach, near reach, fit, etc.) based on my background.

Another incredibly helpful tool is the MBA Resume Protocol ( since your MBA resume will look very different than your ‘normal’ one. I had no idea how different they were until reading this document, so the detail here was awesome!!

Finally, we also spent time focusing on various facets surrounding the MBA application essays - including how to craft a career game plan and how to tell effective, inspiring, and uplifting stories. The essays definitely seemed like the most daunting part to me, but after learning about mbaMission’s strategy I feel confident that I’ll be able to write stellar essays that are true to me.

Actually, that is my favorite part about working with Angela at mbaMission - she encourages you to BE YOURSELF. Really. A lot of the other consultants I’ve talked to encourage ‘branding’ or packaging yourself and your ‘story’, and while Angela encourages careful reflection of which facets of yourself that you want to emphasize, she wants your application to reflect your true passions and goals, which makes things so much easier!

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