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January 10 | 2017
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The rankings are the rankings and you can see where schools are, but what isn't shown is the strength of the network. The McCombs network can go toe to toe with any B-School in terms of total numbers, willingness by alumni to help students, and opportunities provided to students. Furthermore, the sheer number of companies that come onto campus, and how early they come, is really impressive. I have friends at other B Schools who were just barely getting their feet wet in the classroom while we already had multiple recruiting events and information sessions.

I was fortunate enough to have the choice between a few schools, and what ultimately tipped me over to McCombs was the quality of the student body and the extreme willingness of all in the longhorn network to help one another. They are building a brand new building for the MBA program, which will finally remove my only real complain of the program in the lack of modern facilities. When it is all said and done, McCombs will continue to shine as one of the premier MBA programs in the country.

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