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The GREATEST coach - GSB admit


Product Menlo Coaching

Consultant Alice van Harten

I cannot say enough wonderful things about Alice and her all-star Menlo Coaching team. I could not have gotten into Stanford GSB without her.

I started working with Alice in February, and she coached me through the entire Round 1 application process. Alice's team was involved in every step of the process, incl. re-doing my resume, guiding me on school visits, preparing me for interviews, and of course crafting my essays. Most importantly, her support in my Stanford essay was invaluable. I felt paralyzed when we started the essay writing process - I had no idea where to begin and was terrified of putting pen to paper. Alice was incredibly supportive and called me every week to coach me through the process. She responded to my questions within the hour (even though she was in a different time zone). She and Leslie would turn drafts in 1 day. She was as invested in the success of this essay as I was, and she was never interested in throwing in the towel and settling for an essay that wasn't groundbreaking. She even answered my call on Labor Day to help me with the very last sentence. At the end of the process, I was happy with every single word in my essay. 
Alice believed in me more than I believed in myself. She, Leslie, Ava, and the entire team were by my side day after day, keeping me on track and reminding me of what I have to bring to the table. I truly do not know where I'd be without her. If anyone is looking for a consultant who is there for you 24/7 and is a deep subject matter expert in every step of the application process, Alice is your person! 

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