March 14, 2015

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I went to an Ivy League college, did well in class while doing sports as well, then did investment banking for a couple of years followed by PE for a couple more, had a strong GMAT score, and want to stay on the PE path. I figured getting into b-school wouldn't be too hard. Then I talked to Square One Prep and was humbled pretty fast. They opened my eyes to the fact that my profile wasn't so special for the schools I wanted to apply to, and could make the application process tougher, not easier.
Square One Prep, through a lot of patience, educating and pulling back layers I didn’t know I had, helped me see that I’d had defining moments and do have a distinct story. My consultant was indispensable from strategy through execution. The results: in at HBS, Wharton, Haas and Kellogg, with $25,000-$40,000 scholarships.

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