March 24, 2015

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I’ll start with the results: in at Kellogg, Anderson, and Booth. At Booth I got a FULL scholarship!

When I called Square One Prep in July, I didn’t know what my goals were or what schools were right for me. I truly was lost, outside of knowing that b-school was the right move for me. I never would have gotten the results I did without Square One. They were patient, encouraging and strikingly knowledgeable. They got to know me – my background, passions and skills. They discussed various career paths with me to gauge my interest and help me define my ambitions. I really was clueless about what I wanted to do. I knew I liked retail, even though I was in the payments industry. That's where my career conversation started with Square One. But within two weeks, after working with my consultant - the owner of the company - I had absolute clarity about my ambitions.

My advisor motivated me throughout the process. It wasn't easy for me, and i can't really explain why except that I felt like I wasn't coming from a glamorous enough industry and had already blown my chances due to my poor performance in college (I partied too much - went to more football games than classes). I thought I might not be cut out for the rigorous application process. Let me tell you: the process is tough. But Square One was amazing every step of the way. Beyond helping me define myself professionally, they helped me convey to the admissions committees who I am personally. I shared things in my essays that were so not what I would have shared if I had worked on my applications on my own. I also used a tone - sometimes humorous one - that I never would have thought appropriate for b-school applications. But with my advisor's guidance I made decisions I couldn't have made on my own that absolutely made a difference. I can’t thank you guys enough. The clarity I now have about my future, the fact that I am about to live a dream, I owe to you! I also just feel like I know myself better, which is wonderful!

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