November 29, 2015

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Working with Square One Prep was the BEST decision I ever made. Kathryn and her consultants were a

tremendous resource and help in each and every step of the way. From explaining the application

process/interview procedures, etc. to providing tailored advice regarding essays and fit with each school.

Their expertise and dedication to  my success paid off. I am truly grateful for everything they have helped

me with and here are 3 reasons of many why I'd recommend them:

1. Full dedication and availability - Even though I was halfway across the world, they were there 24/7 full

of energy and support with sound advice, whether it was about my goals, my essays, my overall story,

even my tone of voice in my mock interview, you name it. I actually started my work with Square One

Prep with one of Kathryn's consultants, who was amazing. Then she left Square One Prep unexpectedly.

Kathryn didn't give me to another consultant even though it would have been fine for her to because I'd

just finished my resume, hadn't started essays or LORs yet. Instead, she surprisingly stepped in to guide

me the rest of the way. It was first class service.

2. Someone to keep you focused and on track/schedule - Although at times, I really didn't believe I could

make the application deadline, Kathryn's push and motivation helped make this goal a reality.

3. Experience with other international applicants - She knew what to look out for and exactly how I could

make my application distinct from other applicants from South East Asia.

Kathryn, I can't thank you enough!!! I could not have gotten into Columbia without you!!!

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