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I had spent countless hours debating whether to use a consultant or not, and then which one to use. I spoke to several top-rated consultants both in India and in the US, but they all seemed to be saying almost the same thing - advising to me to apply to only 'safe' schools. Kathryn's first free consultation with me completely different - she never discouraged me from applying to top schools, while giving me a frank assessment of the risk involved in the list of schools I was targeting. Her in-depth knowledge of the schools, with respect to my career goals and background was invaluable. She picked out schools that I realized only later when I was doing my research for the essays that they were perfect for my goals.
Mark really helped push me to create a compelling story in my applications, and ensured I put together a high quality application for each school.
I really liked their system of Kathryn doing a final review of each piece of the application, and I was very happy with the final product.
I am so excited and grateful to have gotten admission into one of my dream schools - Booth and I can definitely say it would not have been possible without Mark's and Kathryn's help. Thank you so so much!

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