August 12, 2016

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Very attentive guidance


I was looking for a strategist who can guide me to overcome a shortcoming in my candidacy. But after this journey, I realized that admissions consultants can not make you whole different person. All the idea, contents, and storyline has to be outlined by you. So, be honest and love yourself. You will never know until you try it.

I chose SquareOne Prep because Kathryn was very impressive to me. She doesn't look a sale person; she were genuinely interested with me, and willing to talk seriously even it was a free consultation.

My advisor, Manisha, was extremely attentive, organized, and very punctual. We communicated all most every day. We had struggled to come up with a goal - why MBA. I guess this was mainly because I was not clear about my vision, so we had to spend many hours to find a common ground.
Another hard part was school selection. I crunched all the data in spread sheet to compare schools, but all look same. I reached out several alumni as Manisha recommended me to do so, but I rarely got much insight.

We worked together for three applications in first round, which ended with disappointment. Manisha voluntarily revisited my vision and goal, and we decided to change goals and recommenders. After then, I worked alone in Second round, but I finally was able to get an admission from one of top schools after being waitlisted for several months.

I appreciate her dedication, and genuine care to support my entire process. Even I was not working with her in Second round, she has been always attentive and informative in various way.

As the person who passed quite bumpy road over the process, I realized this process is highly demanding, and you have to seek helps from many people. Admission consulting is one of the source, but can not be the only source. Get many reviews and discuss your idea with people. Trust yourself, and do not give up until the end.

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