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[Tests] e-GMAT Scholaranium Quant Scholaranium


Using the egmat Scholaranium, was not part of my study plan initially. I am currently studying with egmat and MGMAT guides for my test on 2/15/2017. Initially I had scheduled my gmat last year but due to personal issues, had to postpone the date.
Hence I have very little time, to complete the material, take 6 MGMAT tests and 6 OG tests. However, my friend who is a GMAT veteran, advised me to try Scholaranium. I am glad I listened to him, cause I was simply blown away with this tool.
The Scholaranium is one of the best ways to practice for the actual test. It has a combination of easy, medium and hard questions and accurately calculates your score which will help you to figure out where you stand in our preparation, your weak areas and strong points.
Overall I fully recommend this tool to be used in conjunction with the course.Even if you are short on time, like I am, spending some time with this tool will actually help to target weak areas and improve them

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