January 27, 2018

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Schulich is what you make of the experience


This review is for Schulich

Program September Intake

Class of 2018

Experience during the program

A wise alum once told me, "Schulich is what you make of the experience. The school offers you various resources, it is up to you how best you utilize this opportunity."
This can't be further from the truth.

Ever since I joined the school, I made the best possible use of every opportunity, and have had a great MBA experience so far. The school has an excellent reputation in Toronto corporate circles. This is a particularly good school if you are interested in marketing with some great professors teaching you courses in brand management, customer experience design, marketing metrics and the like.

There are a number of student leadership opportunities here; it's up to you to seize them. What I like the best about the school is the genial and cooperative nature of classmates, who treat you as collaborators than competitors. I made some lifelong friends in the process. There is heavy emphasis on team work and sustainability is a recurring theme in the school - you'll find it in different courses, and in discussions in the corridor although some students don't fancy it as much.

So far the program has not disappointed me in terms of my expectations. I will know the true worth once I graduate and enter the job market.

The bad: the school is overcrowded, there are not enough facilities for everyone. Hopefully the new graduate building should address this issue. The school is getting greedy about money. I don't understand why the fees has to keep increasing every year for no rhyme or reason. International students are looked at as a milking cow while Canadians with low GMAT scores end up getting scholarships, internationals with 700+ GMAT don't receive a dime! The career services is not interested in your profile. They always seem to be in a rush to conclude 1-1s and don't put much effort into preparing students for the job market. Most students self-learn and find heir internships and jobs.

About job placement process

The banks and consulting companies come here very early. Be prepared to be running from day 1. Get your resume and cover ready. I was surprised by how early recruitment season starts.

Overall BSchool experience (5.0)
Schools contribution (3.0)
Classmates rating (4.0)

Strengths of the program:

Curriculum, Classes, Professors
Culture & Student Support

Best fit at this program:


Can be improved:

Career opportunities provided by school

January 29, 2018

Tks for ur review. Very usefull information. How are other specializations such as Information Systems or Entrepreneurship?

February 03, 2018

Entrepreneurship is pretty good. The new ENTR course director, Steve Pulver, a former entrepreneur himself, is one of the star professors at Schulich and is trying to do something radical. I took a couple of ENTR courses and they gave me a good insight into different companies through cases. But again, entrepreneurship has to be learnt by doing, and not just sitting in the classroom. The school also has an entrepreneur in residence, Chris Carder.

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