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January 27 | 2018
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Great school for domestic applicants as there are ample career opportunities.
International students here need to work their network but the location plays an advantageous role in that aspect. Being close to a metro provides lots of opportunities for international students as they get easy access to a plethora of companies. Most of the schools in United States are facing the issue of companies retreating from sponsoring international students and being close to a metro hub proves helpful. With plenty of startups gaining ground in DC area, there are ample opportunities for those looking for a career in startups too.
The school tends to foster a strong entrepreneurial culture.
Various clubs and activities foster a very strong student body and the relatively small class size is close knit. Everyone is willing to support each other and the school is really collaborative. The administrative staff deserves a special shout out for the amazing job that they do here and provide a very strong support to students.

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