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November 27 | 2016
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A lot of diversity in this closely knit community. Smith has one of the smaller class sizes at roughly 100 students per class which makes it a lot easier for everyone to get to know one another. This makes it possible for Smith MBAs to get to know many of their classmates intimately and helps reinforce Smith’s “Terps Helping Terps” philosophy.

I would advise future candidates to be in touch with Smith through as many avenues as possible to explore whether Smith is a good fit for them.With so much emphasis on networking throughout the MBA experience, you want to join a program where interacting with your peers feels natural and fun, rather than forced and transactional.
Be yourself. Admissions wants to build a diverse class of smart and interesting people who come from different backgrounds, so there is no reason to try to fit a certain mold or be someone who you are not.

PS: If you're an introvert, go for this school!!! The small class size and the collaborative culture will make the MBA journey a fruitful and more experiential than you would otherwise get elsewhere.

Also PS: If you're an extrovert, go for this school!! The small class size will let you shine even more!

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