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Fantastic quant service - provided much needed confidence

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I knew I needed help on the math since I could answer almost none of the questions in the diagnosis or even easier OG questions. A good friend of mine recommended Math Revolution so I tried their free trial but was very disappoint in the organization and wanted an incredibly thorough program.

Feeling very discouraged I came across TTP and tried their free trial. I was super impressed with the layout of the course and the organized study plan. Basically, they teach you a specific skillset (like probability or number properties) and then encourage you to do a massive amount of practice problem sets ranging in difficulty from easy, medium and hard on that specific set. They give you target scores on the tests before encouraging you to move on. This way you retain everything they teach you and never bite off more than you can chew. This was exactly what I needed and it was great to feel that if I just went step by step through each chapter I'd know almost everything that could possibly show up on the GMAT. If you complete the entire course (which took me about 190 hours) it's basically impossible to not get at least a Q48. The chapters are very easy to digest and written is super plain english and with so many focused and targeted practice problems you will become an expert at each chapter whether you like it or not.

The other thing I'd like to mention is that they have a little chat button where you can ask questions to Scott and Jeff (the founders of the company). These guys are incredible. They actually respond in like 5 min almost 24 hours a day. I felt very very discouraged with my ability and would ask them random questions like "am I moving too slowly on specific problems?" "how should I plan out my study plan?" "what should I do to get better at basic multi digit multiplication?" and they would always give me candid responses that were helpful and reassuring. They'd also give very indepth supplementary explanations on specific problems. I probably bugged them more than the average customer but they were always happy to help and provided me with much needed technical and emotional support.

Overall, I can't imagine studying for the GMAT with any other program. The Official Guide, Manhattan GMAT and Math Revolution do not come even close to the level of precision that TTP offers and while I know that many people have done well with those resources, I really loved the fact that I could simply put 100% of my trust and effort into this program without having to worry about anything. I literally didn't use a single other quant resource except for maybe 40 OG problems that I used as warm-ups before practice tests. I got a 49 even though math is not my strong suit and I did terribly in early diagnostic exams.

They also provide extensive general strategy guidance on things like preparing mental and physically for the exam and the reasons why you need to move slowly through stuff at first to develop good habits. This was great because I was able to not spend as much time reading random articles about strategy on GMATClub or other sites.

Also, they have very challenging problems but nothing that is outrageous. A lot of stuff I've seen on some of the GMAT forums or in Veritas test prep has some simply outrageously hard questions that are honestly not worth trying. TTP doesn't use the mentality of "lets make these kids do insanely hard problems because if they can answer the hard ones they can answer the easy ones no problem". Instead they give realist problems that are at a realistic difficulty and really enforce perfection and consistency on which is really what you need for the GMAT. You need to get into the habit of answering the easy questions without careless mistakes not be able to answer insanity questions that will never show up.

If you're willing to put in the time, this is by far the best course out there for the GMAT.

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