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TTP is all that you need

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I started studying for the GMAT in early November. I had been told to just do as many practice problems as possible, but after a week I found that I was constantly making mistakes and not truly learning. That's where TTP comes into the picture. A friend recommended the course to me and it was truly a gamechanger.

The module layout of TTP makes learning the material somewhat fun! Each day I would set a goal of completing a specific module or a question set. The methodology they teach is very straightforward and in depth.

I used TTP from Nov - May and took my first attempt on May 1st. It didn't go as planned (test anxiety) and I ended up scoring a 690. I knew that I could do better, so I reached out to the guys at TTP and they examined my ESR with me and we made a game plan together. Marty even gave me his personal cell phone number and we set up a chat! This gave me tremendous confidence going into my second attempt just 3 weeks later. My second attempt went very well and I ended up with my goal score of 740!

TTP is truly the best. Their quant, SC, and CR are all that you need for success on the GMAT!

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