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The Quant sections were very step-by-step and consequently easy to follow. I never felt overwhelmed, even when learning some concept I could not remember at all from high school or middle school. Examples embedded within each lesson were also helpful for solidifying skills.

Verbal sections were similarly helpful in their step-by-step nature. Emphasized all of the different variations of verbal questions that showed up on the test. Tons of practice and examples too.

Would make the product better:

Not much to suggest here!

I absolutely recommend this product. I would have been lost in my GMAT studying without it, and its detailed structure made it easy to create a study plan to follow. It covered Quant topics in detailed, manageable steps, and I was able to easily relearn concepts I hadn't seen in years. There are tons of practice problems to work through at different levels of difficulty, which really allowed me to focus on what I was struggling with. The platform also gives test-taking advice and strategies, which are supplemented throughout Quant, Verbal, and Data Insights lessons. It has additional tools such as flashcards as well, which were especially useful for memorizing equations and such.

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