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I am not a naturally Quant inclined person – a notion that I still emotionally wrestle with. Regardless, I knew that I wanted to improve my Quant score as I scored a 99% on Verbal but a 45% on Quant during my first GMAT test. I spent probably around 3xs the time on studying Quant vs Verbal at the point. I took a Target Test Prep mock, as well as those of Kaplan and Mprep. I found the explanations to be simpler and more elegant; sometimes, other prep courses’ Quant explanations felt confusing and convoluted. I used Target Test Prep as my primary Quant prep resources (as well as GMATclub, which is amazing) thereafter. Unfortunately, my GMAT test scores were all over the map, but I can confidently share that TTP raised my Quant score from 43 (45%) to its highest 48 (67%).

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