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I wish I had used TTP earlier


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I used TTP for the total of 3 months and I must admit, it is so far the best source for studying that I used.
My GMAT journey has been long and tough. I am not a fan of standarized, time-constrained tests like this one and in my country, the GMAT is an exam virtually unknown to people. Therefore, there were no good schools or tutors who could help me. I believe my baseline score was around 540. My biggest problem was certainly time management (not being able to apply high school knowledge in timely manner) and convoluted language in the verbal part.
TTP Gmat course helped me in that it showed me my strengths and weaknesses. Chapter tests were very helpful, most of the explanations were also satisfying. Before starting TTP my Quant was strong 44/45. After I finished the course, I easily scored 48 in my real exam. Although I think, that if you want to score 50 or 51, you need to use more sources other than TTP, I still can recommend this course for people who have problem with some logical/quant concepts and their application.
Regarding Verbal pre-launch part, this course has been pretty eye-opening. My score jumped from strong 30 to 35 in just about a month!
I finished the whole course and if you want to save your time, money, and nerves, definitely go for TTP!

My gmat journey in a nutshell:
1. GMAT online 560 (I did not like the form of the online GMAT at all. It felt different from mock exam. Let's just forget this one...)- taken in October 2020
In the test center:
2. 600
3. 620 (and after this one I started to use TTP)
4. 640
5. 690 - taken in May 2021

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