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TTP - All You Need


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The TTP Course is hands-down the best course out there for quant.

1) All you need to build a solid quant foundation
2) The lessons build on each other
3) The TTP team is super responsive - Scott, Jeff & Marty respond to queries very fast

1) A bit expensive (~20% of monthly pay check for many Indian students)

Q: Will I get a 700+ score if I complete TTP?
A: TTP will help you lay a solid foundation for quant & verbal. Once you have studied the basics, it's a matter of practice. One has to keep solving questions & taking tests till the target score is reached. TTP was one of the key pillars of my own study. It helped me go from a 640 (Q39 V39) to a 700 (Q48 V38) in the actual GMAT (Online).

Q: How long does it take to complete TTP?
A: It took me 6 months (2 hrs. daily) to complete the course. YMMV.

Q: Is the TTP Verbal content good?
A: When I was practicing from TTP, their Verbal content was in beta stage. I was happy with the content.

TLDR: If you are looking for one course for all your GMAT needs, you can't go wrong with TTP.

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