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Simply a thorough, straightforward and top quality course


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Course Target Test Prep Maximum Learning

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Great questions, way of learning including review tests and chapter tests. Never had an issue with the explanation for questions in verbal which seemed to be the case with some GMATClub verbal questions.

Would make the product better:

Only thing I can say is to maybe have mocks. Only thing that could be considered missing.

It was a great course. The calendar view along with being able to put on how many hours I had each day/week really helped me know how long it would take and put some needed pressure on me to focus.

Not needing to use any other sources to study and not having to plan every time I study was helpful, made the whole process easier. I recommended it to other because once you study using TTP, you don't need anything else to study the material.

After doing this, your only focus needs to be to maximize test day ability and put yourself in that headspace to do exactly what you have been doing while practicing, which again, TTP helps with

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