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March 07 | 2018
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This review is for: UNC Kenan-Flagler

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The number one reason you are considering going to business school is to improve your career situation, get a better job, move industries maybe even move to another country.

If so, Kenan Flagler is not the school for you. Career services have issues with retaining talent, which means that the people who are supposed to help the most are inexperienced. The same is true for the administration, for example, the director of the MBA program is new, the head of career services just quit after a year in her role, her predecessor had similar time in the program. Career professionals for consulting and investment banking are also new.

About financial aid- GMAT score might get you financial aid from the school, which for many helps the decisions for ROI reasons, but i offer you not to be tempted by the money. From the top of my head, I'm thinking of at least 3 classmates with full rides and no offers meaning the very qualified people are not doing well because of the current situation at the school.

Managment: The management is currently putting its effort into it online MBA program and not in the MBA, from a financial point of view it makes sense, the program has an infinite capacity for students with no GMAT requirements which leads to incredible income from that venue but it also means less attention and investment in full-time MBA students.

What I like about KFBS: North Carolina and the Triangle generally is a pretty chill location, cost of living is pretty low and the weather is nice.
The academic staff is great and I enjoyed many of my classes.
If you enjoy sports the local sports scene is cool.

About job placement process

Many big names do not come to KF even though they do come to Duke (Apple. FB) and many others just don't come and I'm not sure about duke (Ford, GM, GE, Verizon, Chevron)

International students- the situation is even worse, only 30% of the opportunities that Americans have are open for you

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Comments [2]

Created by UNCBOUND

March 12, 2018

Hey there kfstudent! Insightful review. I noticed that this was your first post to GMATClub. Welcome.

It seems like you had a very poor experience at KF. The schools employment reports for class of 2016 show 95% of students received an offer within 3 months, and for class of 2017 (your class, right?), that number dropped to 93%. So, the verified employment numbers don't quite agree with the statement "very qualified people are not doing well because of the current situation at the school."

As someone who is about to commit two years and a ton of money to this program, your review was initially concerning. I have heard similar rumblings with the turnover of program staff, but haven't let that sway me because overall it seems like a great program, and staff turnover / culture shift occurs at every program.

If you don't mind me asking:

- Were you able to secure employment after graduating in 2017?
- If so, was it the role you desired upon completing the program?
- How are your fellow classmates who weren't able to secure employment (the7%) currently doing?
- R3 decisions were just released today. What inspired you to write the review close to a year after leaving the program?

I don't want to blindly defend the program, but I also feel as though there are some missing pieces to your story.. Your review/advice helps tons of future student make once in a lifetime decision, so that's why I wanted to reach out for clarification. Thanks.

Created by Shaurya03

July 04, 2018

Thank you for a genuine and insightful review. Helped me choose wisely.
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