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: I started to prepare for GMAT an year before.For head-start Went to Time coaching center (a decent coaching center having branches in most places over India).I understood most of things taught there and prepared well for exam.A few days before exam I wrote a mock test and was shocked to see my performance especially in English section (530 with Q21).Heard from my cousin about e-GMAT course(He had got 690 and is into Boston University now :) ) .I cancelled my GMAT date and joined for e-GMAT. I.I improved my Verbal ability from 21 to 30 in 8 days .The best part of e-GMAT study strategy is Scholaranium .You have lots of knowledge but don't know how to use it ; then your knowledge is in vein .Scholaranium gives u many questions which will make you think according to GMAT style and way of asking questions.
Have not took my GMAT yet .Planing for last week of Feb but am sure I will get a good score.Crystal clear concepts taught on best possible way.I was not interested in an online class but now on wards I would go only for online classes .Hats off to e-GMAT way of teaching.

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