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e-gmat Verbal Scholaranium


Leveraging a number of resources/courses/practice material during my verbal preparation, I have to say the Scholaranium provides a unique and in-depth insight on areas of weakness and which areas I needed to focus on to improve my score. For someone who has spent a lot of money on preparation material, Scholaranium and e-gmat verbal course provide a great value for money. The power of Scholaranium comes from the information I received regarding my TAKT time, exactly which section (CR, RC or SC) is jeopardizing my score and most importantly which areas within the section that I need to work on (i.e. evaluation questions in CR, modifiers in SC or spending more/less than my average TAKT time). Prior to using Scholaranium, my verbal score fluctuated between 29, 32 and I was clueless as to why. Such fluctuations also undermined my confidence in my verbal ability. The concept of focusing on “ability” rather than “accuracy” is what sets Scholaranium apart from other prep material. I, also, found that attending the e-gmat free Strategy2 session a great way to focus my prep during the last 30 days prior to my test and would highly recommend anyone who is planning to take the test to attend this free session. Come test day, I scored v36 which is better than my performance during mocks.

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