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Best Adaptive Test


When I purchased the Verbal Live Prep course, i got the Scholaranium along with that.

Initially i thought it to be just a question bank, but when i went through the same, i have never seen anything tool more comprehensive than this.

Due to its adaptive nature, it gives an accurate score of your ability in certain topic & also points at the specific topic, which you should study again.

Further the tool is very user friendly, you can pick & choose on which topic (SC,RC, CR) you want to take a test. On how many questions you want to attempt & etc.

Once test is done, it shows, question wise relative performance against other students who have attended the test. & also compares your time taken to ansewr each question than the average time.

This tool has become indispensable to my preparation & i recommend the same highly to other students who are preparing for GMAT.

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