April 09, 2017

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From V29 to V34 thanks to e-GMAT Scholarium


I realized I need to do some real work on Verbal as I merely scored V29 on my gmat prep. The problem was that, there are many gmat products out there and I was overwhelmed with choices - naturally I wanted to have the one which would give me maximum impact. Upon reading a lot of reviews online, I decided to give e-GMAT a go.

What I particularly like about e-GMAT Scholarium was that it provided me the tool to analyze my strengths and weaknesses. Once these had been identified, I zoomed in and focused on my key weaknesses. e-GMAT Scholarium provided key statistics of my score on every Verbal areas/topics, as well as breakdown of timing and difficulty level. This surgical approach was what helped me to narrow down my focus area.

This structured approach was what helped me to improve my Verbal from V29 in gmat prep to V34 in actual GMAT

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