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e-GMAT Verbal Scholaranium is one of the best test for practicing and improving Verbal ability. It has two types of Test: Ability Tests and Custom Quiz. Ability Tests is a timed tests which has a mix of questions from all level of questions while Custom Quiz, as the names suggests, is a customisable testing type.

The quality of questions in e-GMAT Verbal Scholaranium is very good and the best part is that the explanation of all the questions is consistent with that of GMAT Verbal Online course.
Custom Quiz is unique in its own way as it allows you to even select the sub-topics from each of RC, SC & CR. So, for e.g., if you want to practice only Verbs in SC, then you can select the same in Custom Quiz and practice it. This is very helpful as it lets you to focus on your weaker section more.

I definitely recommend e-GMAT Verbal Scholaranium to everyone as it has really helped me in improving my score.

All the Best!!

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