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Forward or Backward!!!


This review is for W.P. Carey

Program Full Time MBA

Class of 2017

Experience during the program

A great school!!! As someone said, a school doesn't rest on the laurels of rankings or IVY status. The alums make the school shine. Great alum network, but not utilized. Capacity is highly under-rated. Some of the best faculties, such as Artor, Andrea Morales, Reynold Byers, John Fowler( a man of immense knowledge and experience, its a shame we didn't have any of his classes), and many more. Highly research oriented and learning oriented culture.
Lot of divergent career options possible. Expectations wise: fully satisfied with the course work and opportunities. Too much people from tech-services background. Hopefully we see some product people in the classroom, venture capitalists, doctors.
Future applicants, just focus on your application. GMAT score is not a real deal!!! make some connections with MBA admissions team and ambassadors and create your stories. I expect this b-school to be in top 20 in the next 3-5 years. But for that we need a strong consulting and strategy concentration. MSIM classes are awesome too and will benefit dual degree students.

About professors, classes and curriculum

SCM 502, 551 are great classes. The simulation of revenue management and airline revenue management for pricing and analytics were great platform. Finance- accounting classes were superb. MSIM classes focused a lot on the core issues of tech and analytics and automation.

About job placement process

I think one the biggest network is ASU!!!!!!!. Top 10 schools for business in Bay Area.

Pity for the international students. With limited access and less than acceptable people and soft skills they will always struggle. most of the international students have high GMAT scores. The schools needs to provide the future applicants with all the resources to prepare and develop skills before arriving.
If you are a miser and just want to earn $100K jobs, come here.
If you want to be part of fabulous alumni network, may not be a good place. you have to toil hard to reap the fruits. May not be a good fit if you are a individual contributor. Everything is team-based, one of my main point of discontent. So many free riders.

Overall BSchool experience (5.0)
Schools contribution (5.0)
Classmates rating (1.0)

Strengths of the program:

Curriculum, Classes, Professors
Student body, diversity
Career opportunities provided by school
Specialization in a particular area (e.g. Finance, Consulting, Healthcare, etc)
Supply Chain & MSIM

Best fit at this program:

Logistics, Procurement, SCM

Can be improved:

Alumni Network
Culture & Student Support
Admissions Team
Robust and improved admission process

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