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'Specialist' and 'Holistic' are the two terms that epitomize the approach followed by Experts' Global. A student works with a team of specialist Mentors- an Advising Mentor who defines the theme of application and choice of schools, a Writing Mentor who guides in preparing impeccable and impactful essays, an Applications Mentor who helps with the online application, resume, and recommendation letters, and an Interview Mentor, who helps with rigorous interview preparation. Result is authentic, holistic admissions consulting that leads to a smooth experience and robust results!

Before you enroll, get an exhaustive profile evaluation conducted and receive a Guarantee Statement- the Least Possible Admits and Scholarships. In an unlikely scenario that the Guarantee Statement is not met despite your due cooperation, entire fee is refunded- something that is yet to happen! Learn more.

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     By jmansharma 4 1

Experts Global made me think deep and truly recognize what drives me and motivates me. I uncovered many aspects about my personality that remained under the surface for years, and was able to clearly articulate why I wanted to go for an MBA. This process was not comprised of a one-off hour-long phone conversation. It was a series of conversations and mentoring from the Experts team, focusing on my goals and helping me find the right path to achieving it. This is why I chose Experts - for the human touch. Every other consulting service that I explored had a money-minded client-vendor approach. The fact that I remained in touch with my mentors at Experts through B-school and till date is testament to their high-touch approach.

The results speak for themselves. Because of the way I was pushed by Experts, I was able to submit competitive applications leading to multiple top-tier interviews including Stanford and Duke. They not only guided me on the application process, but also provided personal guidance on building my unique timeline. In fact, it was based on my mentor’s advice at Experts that I decided to push out my application by a year. He helped me create a plan for that year on improving my profile and strengthening my application, all the along way providing answers to my hundreds of questions. He took the time out to speak with me and help me clear my mind on the best step forward.

I had only seen such guidance come from family members or close friends. I was pleasantly surprised to receive such attention to detail from a consulting service.

Additionally, I want to provide specific feedback on the following categories:

1. Quality of work: I was extremely pleased with the quality as my Experts mentor helped bring out the best in my story. I was able to tell my story in the essays in an honest and genuine way even though my storytelling skills leave a lot to be desired! They helped me bring out the small nuances and details that helped make my story memorable.

2. Professionalism: There is no sugar coating here. Be prepared to receive some tough feedback. But along with the tough feedback, my mentor also helped me work on my weaknesses in a systematic, well-laid out approach. They were extremely professional in their conduct and guidance. I was impressed.

3. Holistic nature of association: I paid just once but got constant guidance over the course of the entire year! Right from my GMAT prep to selecting schools to preparing the application. They even set up mock interviews with multiple mentors at Experts before the real ones. Their service went beyond expectations on all fronts.

I have already referred Experts to several of my close friends.

I will caution though that if you sign up, be prepared to do a lot of heavy lifting and trust the process. Don't expect to be spoon-fed, instead be ready to pull your weight. If you do that, you will not go wrong with Experts!

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1 Commented by ExpertsGlobal on July 23, 2017
Dear Jyotishman,

Thank you for the kind words.

Working with you was a wonderful experience and that our association has lasted 5+ years since your graduated from MBA reflects the synergy we had in the association. Thank you for taking our advise, following the processes, and honoring the milestones.

We owe your success to your sincerity and hope that you continue to do well in your career and keep doing us proud!

Thanks again. Wish you all the very best!

Experts' Global Team
reviewer identity verified by school email address
     By anshil87 1 0

It has been a long association with Experts Global.

After completing my GMAT preparation with them, I approached them for applications and schools shortlisting. Mentors were appointed for both applications and interview preparations. They were always quick in responding and were even more sincere than me in the follow ups. Throughout the process, I never felt that any of my query went unanswered. The mentors were available over phone and through emails and were always updated with any changes. Experts Global did an excellent job and the whole process of applications and interview preparations was quite smooth.

I would strongly recommend their services to all who seek a great future and want to get into a great college. I hereby wish the entire team ALL THE VERY BEST..!!!

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1 Commented by ExpertsGlobal on July 23, 2017
Dear Anshil,

We thank you for your words.

What a journey it has been! After the GMAT marathon, that lasted really long, owing to your sailing assignments, we could start your application process only in June, which is very late for international applicants to get admits. However, we appreciate your sincerity and due cooperation in acting proactively and completing all applications timely and then preparing rigorously for the interviews.

As a result, we have achieved some great results and we are glad that you will be flying soon for your MBA.

Needless to say, we will be in touch!


Thank you once again!
Experts' Global Team
Multiple Admits :)
May 31 | 2018
reviewer identity verified by score report
     By sonikavadhera 105 25

The first interview call I received was from Tepper, my dream school. Therefore, I needed to ensure that I do well at the very first MBA interview of my career. Fortunately, I had three weeks to prepare and Experts Global played a great role in helping me.

I was made to fill a questionnaire with my likely responses for a large set of frequently asked questions. I was also given a set of videos for developing and approach for the MBA interview preparation.

Next, I had a series of mock interviews. The style and the set of questions were different every time, followed by detailed feedback. The practice really helped me improve as I gained confidence.

Eventually, I secured worthy admits and I am joining Tepper in the coming fall with $40,000 scholarship.

This was a rich, successful association. Strongly recommended.

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Happy Association :)
May 31 | 2018
reviewer identity verified by score report
     By sonikavadhera 105 25

Experts' Global team encouraged me on the prospects of getting some worthy admits, despite a 710 on GMAT, a score considered average in the perspective of the over-representative pool of Indian engineers.

The brainstorming sessions helped me in ascertaining my post-MBA goals and a long-term vision. I got a great help in preparing a broad story for my applications, linking my background with the need for MBA from each specific school and the career goals. The schools shortlisting was meticulously done, ensuring that the forte of the programs synced with my story.

As a result, I got multiple interview calls and I converted three of them. Eventually, I am joining Tepper with $40,000 scholarship, a dream admit, something that seemed unreachable when I started the applications.

It was a totally worthwhile association!

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reviewer identity verified by school email address
     By varun290884 0 0

I'm a very ordinary guy and like all my peers I too had a dream to pursue an MBA. Gave CAT twice and faltered for obvious reasons- my preparation was not up to potential. I promised myself not to give CAT again and started looking for other avenues. GMAT was the obvious choice as I assumed it to be way easier than is the CAT. However, this assumption was soon to be shattered! I failed miserably in my first attempt and got a 590. It was then that I joined Experts' and my score shot up to 710. It wasn't as easy as writing the last sentence. Achieving a 700+ score required both a strict regime and a quality GMAT preparation material. I was lucky to have been blessed with both. I can easily say that the Experts' material is the most comprehensive GMAT material I have come across.It helped save time as I did not bother to pile on multiple GMAT books. The great quality of the study material was complemented by Mayank's flawless strategies. He was and still is a constant source of motivation for me. Mayank also helped me with my fall 2010 application-essays & interviews. I was extremely content with the b-school essays and the interview tips helped me improve not only as a prospective b-school candidate but as an individual. And now that I have admits from two schools of repute, I must say that I owe every inch of my success to Experts' and wish the team all the best for its future endeavors.

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Admit with scholarship.
March 23 | 2018
reviewer identity verified by score report
     By amittr 0 0

Firstly, I would like to thank Mr Mayank and the Experts' Global team (Ms Debopriyaa Dutta, Ms Akanksha Baldawa and Ms Aanchal Sharma) for helping me get an admit with 80% scholarship in one of the top Energy Finance (MBA) programs.

The following is my detailed journey with them:

1. GMAT : Though I was confident of performing well in the GMAT and set my bar at 720, I always missed out on some acute details and couldn’t achieve desired score. I had practiced numerous questions (almost 3000+) on GMATclub, GMATPrep etc but in vain. Finally, after coming in terms with my score, I decided to apply.

Initially, I was skeptical of taking help from an Admission Consultancy firm. Now that I think about it, I am glad that I took a leap of faith. After a lot of research on various websites, I enrolled with Experts' Global (EG).

After a brief initial conversation with Ms Aanchal Sharma and with the new study material from EG in hand, I decided to give GMAT one more try. I left no stone unturned in practicing their exhaustive practice tests and the post-test data analysis helped me fill the gaps. After consistently scoring 720+ in their tests, I scored 740 in the actual exam. My happiness had no bounds when the score appeared on the screen.

2. Profiling: The next step in the process involved answering a detailed questionnaire. The questions are designed to extract as much information as possible from the student. The questions made me introspect and look deeper within myself. I came out with insightful information that I would have never thought about mentioning in my application.

3. Storyboarding: Once my GMAT score and my profiling questions were in place, I had a brief discussion about my post MBA goals with Mr Mayank and Ms Akanksha. We brainstormed over a telephone conference and decided how the essays and its ‘flow’ should be.

4. Essay Submission: Running a business and a trading account, I hardly had any time left to take care of my essays. Ms Akanksha and Ms Debopriyaa always made sure that the essays were ready way before the application deadline and that I got ample amount of time to make any necessary changes. The essays helped me get multiple interview invitations though I have a very low GPA.

5. Interview preparation: A brief discussion with Ms Aanchal helped me polish my interview etiquettes. She also sent me a document containing possible interview questions that I practiced in front of a mirror. The questions boosted my confidence and morale, and made sure that I was never in for a surprise during an interview.

On a whole, I would like to thank the team again and recommend them any day.

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reviewer identity verified by score report
     By anu8787 48 5

I have had an association with Experts' even during my GMAT prep days. Before moving onto the post GMAT part let me touch upon the a little bit on my GMAT journey. I started my GMAT journey in Sep 2016 with self studies. By March 2017 I had 2 failed attempts with 620 at both. I was absolutely clue-less about what was wrong until I joined Experts' Global in April and realized that how unorganized I was. The process started with unlearning what I had learnt so far. I was given a detailed planner customized to my needs, which I followed and updated religiously. I was given a very well structured study material, which I can swear by god that I followed it word by word and in the order prescribed in the planner(very important). The practice material was given in the order of difficulty and one must strictly follow that order, I was committing that mistake during my self studies days by randomly practicing the problems. Then the 15 mock test are so good that even the sub-sectional scores of my last mock matched with my actual GMAT. Important takeaway here is doing an analysis holistically. I even developed some of my own techniques of analyzing my performances.
I was consistently hitting 49 and occasional 50 in quant but verbal was patchy with scores varying from 24 to 32. After 2 months of rigorous efforts I started getting consistent 700+ in mocks. It was the time I decided to sit again for an actual GMAT. on 17th Aug I took my GMAT again and was disappointed to see a 640. After recovering from the shock I took a mock and I got 710. Meanwhile I talked to Mayank sir and he was very supportive. He instilled the confidence in me that I have the capability and it was just an off day. I started practicing again and took GMAT again on 4th Sep, just to see a 600 on the scorecard. I was utterly disappointed and ashamed of myself and decided not even to discuss with Mayank sir. But, Mayank sir himself called me up. He was again very supportive and assured me that I have the capability, it was the exam pressure, which was playing on my head. He advised me to calm my nerves, spend some good time with my family, and do whatever which makes me feel good. I followed his advice for the next few days, packed up all my GMAT books and tried to stay away from anxieties. I started feeling confident again, and took GMAT again on 25th Sep. 720 it was with Q49 and V39. It was one precious moment I will never forget in my life. Thanks to the tremendous support from Mayank Sir and the entire Experts’ team that I achieved 720 from 600 in just 21 days.
Now, moving ahead to the application process, soon I realized that getting a good GMAT is just a beginning. As September was already gone, I had very little time to sit back and relax and it was time to start hitting the applications. I once again took help from the Experts’ Global. Their turnaround time was so quick that I was able to apply into 11 schools of my choice within a month. The applications including the essays were so good that I was shortlisted for interview in 8 out of 11 schools that I applied including NUS, NTU, ISB and HKU. Once the applications were submitted I had few intense mock interviews, which covered all aspects of my application and essays. Finally, after 2 months long process of interviews, wait for results and evaluating all the options at hand, I chose IIM B for my MBA. The programme will be commencing from 30th March and I am very thankful to the entire Experts’ team for making my dream of studying in one of the top B-schools in the world, come true.

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reviewer identity verified by score report
     By ameya0794 3 2

With just 17 months of experience in the conventional Indian, IT space, I was bent on targeting only the US top 20 schools. The sentiments I got from everyone around were negative.

With little hope and a lot of ambition, I spoke to Mayank Sir at The Experts’ Global for his advice on the matter. To this day, I am thankful to the team of Experts’ Global for a lot of things, but the most important of those was the encouragement that they offered at a time when I seriously needed it.

There was a time when we had a creative difference regarding the portrayal of a particular aspect of my candidature, but Experts’ Global’s stand was firm on what would be best for me and I am glad I followed their advice :)

The last few months of my life have been a very significant journey for me where I have learned the value of dedication, belief, and guidance. I would like to thank the entire team at Experts’ Global sincerely.

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reviewer identity verified by school email address
     By LiveLifeKingSize 0 0

I had signed up for a comprehensive Admissions Consulting package that gave me interview preparation support too. After having a great experience in applying with their help, I received 3 great interview calls (ISB, Duke, and IIMB). Again, the thing that stood out most was the great approach and structure around their offering. I was given comprehensive list of questions that made me think hard about all aspects of my profile and just answering those gave me great confidence. They helped me with several mock interview that helped my confidence and helped me practice my delivery. The result was that I cracked all three calls. Very professional people, who know their job.

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reviewer identity verified by school email address
     By LiveLifeKingSize 0 0

I took ISB Admissions Consulting from Experts' Global. I found their approach extremely structured and customised to me. They made the effort to understand my background and coached me on how to best highlight my profile so that it stands out from the crowd. I had not imagined that my standard IT experience could be made to stand out so much! I really liked their approach of starting with an exhaustive questionnaire as it helped me look deeply into my own experience and cull out interesting anecdotes that also eventually helped me in my interview process. I would recommend them whole heartedly.

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