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I will be the first to admit that I was skeptical about using an MBA admissions consultant. I went back and forth about the idea for at least six months while I did research and after talking with several consultants I finally went with Stratus. I could not have been happier with my choice. Donna Bauman was the best thing that happened to me along the way to applying to business school. Donna took the time to not only help me with the application process but also to help me make some difficult personal decisions about where to apply, decisions that were greatly assisted by her own personal anecdotes and experiences. Through a clear and concise pipeline we worked together every step of the way, with Donna taking time out of her evenings and weekends to help with my often last minute modifications and revisions. The employees at Stratus went above and beyond to help work around my schedule and timeline throughout the MBA application process, and after the hours and hours spent talking to Donna on the phone I now consider her a friend. Several months ago I was accepted to my #1 pick school, and awarded a hefty scholarship to boot, making Stratus more than worth the price I paid for their services.

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Highly Recommended!
April 23 | 2018
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I had a really great experience working with Donna Bauman. She was exceptionally encouraging and supportive throughout my application journey. She was always willing to provide helpful, honest, and timely feedback (within 24 hours) and was able to be flexible to accommodate with our time zone differences for interview preparations. Most importantly, she really took the time to understand my unique background and aspirations and was a true advocate to ensure that I conveyed my unique story across my applications. The Stratus team is professional, personable, and has a very thorough process. I would highly recommend Donna and Stratus to anyone looking for an admissions consultant!

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Top 5 Program Admit
January 22 | 2018
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I recommend working with Stratus Admissions to anyone who is serious about applying to top MBA programs. I began working with my consultant, Donna, through the MBA Early Edge Package about 18 months before I applied to schools. Through the Early Edge Package, we identified opportunities to strengthen my application profile with enough time to make important improvements. Many of the improvements became core pieces of my essays and interview answers.

Since Donna and I had already been working together for a year through the Early Edge Package, we were in a great position to hit the ground running when essays and applications were released. Donna was very responsive, genuinely interested in my success and provided excellent, school-specific feedback. Her experience as as a full-time MBA admissions officer prior to Stratus allowed Donna to provided expert advice on each application and guidance navigating the stressful application process.

With Donna’s insight and the support of the entire Stratus team, I was admitted to my dream school and look forward to attending a Top 5 MBA program this year! If you are serious about attending an elite MBA program, starting with Stratus as early as possible will help achieve your goals!

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Donna Bauman is amazing!
May 11 | 2017
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To understand how good Donna Bauman is, I will first need to tell you a little bit about myself. I am from, perhaps, the most over-represented candidate pool (Indian male), and to complicate matters, I applied with a low GMAT, low GPA, middling extra-curricular activities, and (in my opinion) decent work experience in finance. With Donna’s help, I will now be attending one of H/S/W in the fall! Unequivocally, this would not have been possible without her.

I interviewed a lot of admission consultants, but what set Donna apart was her commitment, candor, and experience. Let me elaborate. Donna has a ton of experience working as an admissions committee member, and this gives her a unique sense of how best to position your story. Having been on the other side, she will be able to give you insights into how your application would likely be perceived by the admissions committee. International candidates, this is especially important for you. Donna has seen thousands of applications from international candidates. As an Indian male, I came from an incredibly competitive pool, but Donna’s insights helped me differentiate my application, and play up my strengths to help compensate for the low GPA and GMAT.

But there are other ex-adcoms in the admissions consulting biz, so what sets Donna apart? Her candor and commitment. From my first consultation call, she was honest with me. She straight up told me that H/S/W would be a very uphill climb, but that she would do everything in her power to help me achieve that goal. I respected her honesty, and continued to see it throughout the application process. In addition to her honesty, Donna was extremely supportive and provided me with a very personalized experience. Right from the beginning, she challenged me to introspect deeper. She took the effort to really get to know me – where I come from, where I want to go, what my beliefs and motivations were, in order to better help me tell my story.

Donna reviewed innumerable edits (on outlines, essays, resumes, emails) right until the very end, and went above and beyond what I expected– offering so much time to my story building, essays, navigating recommenders, and interview practice (even to schools I didn’t apply to with her). She was very patient with my million questions and edits. She would reply very promptly (same day), devoted an incredible amount of time to my application, and came up with insightful suggestions, edits and reviews to help me tell my story better and to tailor it effectively to each school.

I would be remiss to not mention my senior strategist, Harold, as well. Harold’s experience with finance candidates is invaluable. But more than his experience with finance candidates, he has an acute understanding of what each school wants to hear, and was so incredibly encouraging – especially at critical moments when I needed it. I very much appreciated his help in building my story, and his insightful comments on my essay outlines and the essays themselves, and would not have been able to turn out the applications I did without his help. Harold needs to be your senior strategist.

To summarize: Go with Donna! I am so grateful for everything she did for me. Yes, using an admissions consultant is pricey, but it is well worth getting into your dream school. I am confident that Donna will help you tell your best possible story. Not only is she an amazing admissions consultant, she is also such a great person, and I wholeheartedly recommend her to you.

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Exactly what I hoped for
March 21 | 2017
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Stratus Admissions was exactly what I was looking for in a MBA admissions consultant. I originally signed up for the two school package with Donna Bauman and could not have been happier with my selection.

Overall, everyone from the senior strategists to the sales team makes you feel as if you are their only client. My admissions consultant, Donna, was wonderful throughout the R1 and R2 admissions process. She really pushed me to dig deep and encouraged me to slow down, reflect, and put my best application forward. During the application process, Donna was there for my every question and always available to bounce ideas off of, even on the weekends! The thoughtfulness of Donna's feedback and advice throughout my business school application process really made me feel as if I were her only client.

Additionally, what I really found unique and beneficial about Stratus was the team-based approach whereby a senior strategist and school-specific reviewer were available to share their expertise, rather than just be isolated to a single consultant.

This fall, I was fortunate enough to be accepted into a M7 MBA program. I highly recommend Stratus Admissions if you are considering applying to a MBA program. Although costly, the benefits gained from having someone to continually motivate and push you to put your best work product forward throughout the grueling admissions process are priceless.

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In short, Stratus has helped to me to get into my dream school, a top top MBA program.

My primary counselor is Donna, and my senior strategist is Susan. I initially signed up for the four school package. Then I added three more schools in R2.

Reasons why I really enjoyed working with Donna

1)She was extremely responsible and fully committed to my success. Her average turnover time was about 24 hours. She was incredibly responsive even throughout the holiday seasons.

2)She took the time to get to know me as a person. I felt that I was being treated as a friend or a family member. One example to demonstrate that, she actually suggested that I should not waste my money to apply to the seventh school on my list (which was another safe school) when I was accepted by my dream school, even though she would make less money as a result. I also met her in person when I was visiting UNC. She showed me around town and bought me lunch before my interview.

3)She is remarkably knowledgeable about UNC and Kellogg. If you are specifically interested in these two great schools, she is the person to go to. She had worked on the admissions team at UNC for many years. Nobody knows UNC better than she does. As a Kellogg alum who had interviewed applicants in the past, she knows how to prepare you for anything.

Reasons why I am glad I chose Stratus

1)Their 4+ school guarantee made me feel secure about spending this amount of money, even though I was lucky not to end up using it.

2)The secondary viewer was particularly helpful at helping me identify possible weaknesses that I had missed.

3)My senior strategist Susan knew about every school inside and out. Even though I did not work with her directly, she helped me to build the framework in my every essay.

4)When I was accepted into a school, I was personally congratulated by everyone on the team

I also want to let you guys know that I had contacted five admissions consulting companies in total. Here are my experience at the other four companies:

Company A: Very fast response and I was able to schedule 30 minutes Skype call with a consultant for free evaluation. The consultant whom I spoke to was professional and knowledgeable. The only concern I had was that he did not have any experience working on the admissions team.

Company V: The person I spoke to said that I could not talk with one of their consultants because they have to “protect” them. I was offended by this statement. I am here to give you a chance to convince me to give you my money, why would you need protection?? You need to be protected from what?! What was also really annoying about this company was that they called my cell number and Skyped me at least seven times after I clearly said that I would contact them if I decided to use their services.

Company P: They replied to my request for profile evaluation two weeks later. At that time, I had already signed up with Stratus.

Company S: The lady I spoke to was typing the whole time during our 10 minutes conversation. She also said something about “you better sign up now because we are almost full.” I just did not like the way I was treated.

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Awesome experience!
December 19 | 2016
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     By npra 1
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I applied for my MBA after only 2 years of work experience so I knew I would need help developing my story. I did initial consultations with a lot of programs but Stratus was one of the few who believed I could do my MBA despite having only a few years of work experience and a biology background.

Donna and the Stratus team helped me overcome my low work experience to not only get admitted to 3 of the 4 schools I applied to but also receive scholarships to all of them.

Donna was easily accessible via email or phone and responded to my inquiries within a few hours. With her help, I was less stressed and was able to finish applications well before the deadline. Donna went above and beyond to help me not only with applications and school choices but also with interviews. She even took the time to meet me in person before an on-campus interview and coached me in person.

I had a fantastic experience with Donna and the rest of the Stratus team. They pushed me to dig deeper and present a story I was proud of. Donna was really invested in my applications and I am so grateful for her help. Overall, Stratus Prep exceeded my expectations and I would definitely recommend them, especially Donna to anyone who is applying for business school. I’m not sure I would have gotten in without her help.

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