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April 16, 2014

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Admissionado! True professionals


I enrolled into the 4-school deluxe package with Admissionado and I'm thoroughly delighted with the exceptional service that the Admissionado team (Lauren, Emily, Claudia and Kyn) have provided me over the past 8-9 months. I truly lovvveeeddd working with Kyn, who is a professional through and through, and whose expertise and skills truly helped me get admitted off the wait list to one of the schools that I applied to.

My first interaction with Kyn was during an essay writing workshop and I was so impressed with his insightful essay-writing tips and comments that I immediately set up an initial profile evaluation with him and signed up for four schools. The entire admissions process right from writing the GMAT all the way until landing an admit is an extremely exhaustive and tiring process but Kyn made sure that we didn't lose steam one bit during the process and ensured that we submitted the best application we could to all our schools. Also, Admissionado has invaluable resources (resume tips, school guides and interviewing tips) that helped me maneuver through the maze. I found Kyn's (and Admissionado's) services extremely useful, far exceeding the expectations I'd initially set. Their entire team is extraordinarily dedicated, professional, courteous and prompt (I observed this during some of the free workshops I attended).

PROS :- To me the biggest gain was gaining insight into the AdCom's decision making process, rationale behind wait listing, and, most importantly, tips to make an impression during an interview in spite of belonging to an oversubscribed pool of applicants. I was able to successfully be admitted off the wait list ONLY because Kyn helped me understand what would work and what wouldn't when wait listed. The comments and feedback on all my edits were extremely helpful, precise and positive through critical.

CONS :- I initially found it difficult to adjust to the 3-day turnaround time for every edit but, I eventually realized that it was to be fair to other applicants.

To summarize, if you're fine with the 3-day turnaround time (i.e. you plan and strategize your applications well), I'd highly recommend Admissionado and Kyn to everyone applying.

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