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August 19, 2014

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I went from a low 500 GMAT score to a 750. If your goal is to get a top GMAT score than you have to use Manhattan GMAT. Just google it, every site you find will tell you that Manhattan GMAT is the best. I took the in person course with Gregg Lachow in NYC. He was fantastic, super smart guy who knew how to explain things in a way for all to understand. What separates Manhattan GMAT from other test prep companies is that they do not just teach tips and tricks but instead teach how to confidently solve each type of problem. They seem to fully grasp how the test makers think and teach the material in a way that guarantees success. I could not have done it without them. If you are serious about the GMAT then go for Manhattan GMAT.

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July 06, 2013

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The course led by Gregg Lachow is incredibly helpful. He's an engaging and thoughtful instructor who provides several tools for absorbing the material.

The Manhattan GMAT facilities are top class. They offer realistic testing centers, which help prepare you for the feel of test day. They also provide fantastic online resources, including video tutorials on the essay and IR sections that supplement the classes.

Manhattan GMAT classes are large enough to spur discussion on difficult problems and small enough to allow for individual attention for students.

Thanks to Gregg and Manhattan GMAT for raising my score by 100 points!


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June 06, 2013

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When I signed up to take the GMAT I enrolled in a Kaplan online course and went through and did all the class sessions and homework. But by test day, I had only improved about 30-40 points. Needless to say, I did not feel nearly prepared enough to take the GMAT. So I pushed my test date back by 4 months and enrolled in a MGMAT course. Luckily, I live fairly close to their Manhattan location.

The course was great. The strategy guides were very instructive and really taught me how to do the problems rather than just tips and shortcuts. It was presented in an easy-to-understand manner and I felt like I was making real progress. The class sessions were also very helpful. They helped to cement what I was learning through my homework, and I learned additional strategies and time management techniques. I feel like the Kaplan course was good for the basics, but the MGMAT course really helped to solidify the concepts and take my problem solving abilities to the next level. The online resources were also pretty useful, especially the practice tests. They seem to be fairly representative of the actual test, and my practice test scores were very close to what I ended up actually scoring.

I would definitely recommend this course for anyone looking to see a huge bump in their score. Even if you can't attend a live class, the full set of books is definitely a score improvement guarantee.

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April 17, 2012

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I shopped around before selecting my GMAT course and I am glad I finally selected Manhattan GMAT. If you are disciplined, fairly smart and capable of putting into practice what these guys teach you then you will get a great score. Attending the course doesn't circumvent any of the hard work you must put in (in your own time) but it does mean the work you do will the efficient. The books they provide are great, but attending the course in tandem really helps the key concepts anchor in you mind.
Not cheap, but if you are serious about scoring highly then it's worth it.

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February 08, 2012

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Manhattan GMAT's program was extremely extensive and thorough. The program covers every question on the test that you could be asked. My instructor was extremely helpful and not only prepared me with the material, but also gave us additional study, test-taking and application tips. I would refer no other program but this one. Manhattan's customer service is also exceptional.

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