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I took the 9 week course with Gregg Lachow. He was an excellent instructor. I found that the class moved at a good clip which I really appreciated since I was aiming for a high score. He was very clear in his explanations and as good at responding to all types of questions. I found him to be equally adept at verbal and quant. He has a passion / gift for teaching and a great attitude. He is also pretty funny which helps due to the boring nature of the topic.

In some ways, the course is really what you make of it. I sort of stopped doing the homework halfway through and I didn't get nearly as much benefit (no surprise there). So I strongly recommend doing all the recommended and required homework. I still really was able to master the fundamentals and techniques. The Manhattan Prep method is excellent as are their materials.

Since I didn't do all of the homework I ended up doing a lot of self study with the official guide which I also recommend. I also took advantage of many of the online resources.

Ultimately I scored well and I think it was in large part thanks to Gregg's class.

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GMAT Course Review
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I could not be happier that I signed up for the Manhattan GMAT course with Gregg Lachow. I took the GMAT with just self-study before the IR section was introduced and received a 700. My goal was to increase my score from one that I felt was good, to a score that was great.

Gregg is a very effective teacher. Without his help, I would not have reached my goal. He does a terrific job of breaking down problems, and can help students to develop the skills needed for the most difficult quant and verbal questions. He even goes out of his way to share insights on the whole MBA application process.

When I took the test, I felt well prepared and confident. I kept Gregg's lessons in mind, and received a 750.

I highly recommend Manhattan GMAT and Gregg. Take his course if you want a great score.

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