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October 14, 2018

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I lucked out, seriously.


I highly recommend partnering with Ross Yesikov (from Aringo) on MBA essays. I started working with Ross in August 2018 just after I had completed a few draft essays for my target schools on my own. At the time, I felt that my overall application would benefit from having another set of eyes.

I ultimately chose to work with Ross because of his alumni status from Kellogg (my top choice) and ​because of his diverse background, both professionally and personally. Over the last few months, Ross has helped me dig deep into my motivations not only for school but life. He brought a refreshing and compelling perspective on how I can best use my life experiences to show MBA schools (Kellogg, Ross, Anderson, Sloan) why I’d a great addition to their program. One great example of this is when Ross helped me connect my unique childhood upbringing, living in a Korean American household of 8 family members, with my passion for food & business. If this seems like a long shot - trust me that’s exactly how I felt, as well. Ross helped me get to the root of my childhood experiences by asking questions and challenging me to think from a different lens. This was incredibly important because I needed to find things to differentiate myself from other candidates. Ross helped me see how my life experiences connected and write in a manner that was powerful to my readers.

Ross, unlike some other consultants that I’ve spoken to, wasn’t concerned about making money or selling a service. Never once had time or money been a talking point during our conversations. Ross’ first and last priority was making sure that I put myself in the best position to be competitive for the schools of my dreams - anything else didn’t matter to him. I vividly remember several moments over these last few months where I had become overwhelmed with applications, I was either struggling with essay content or stressing out because my recommenders weren’t responding. I cannot express how grateful I was/am for having someone like Ross by my side to support me. Ross is an incredible professional who has accomplished a lot in his life; just one glance at his CV shows that. But what I admire most about Ross is how effective he is at teaching and inspiring others. When I was working with Ross, I felt a deep sense of clarity and purpose behind my professional and personal goals - that’s powerful stuff especially for someone applying to MBA schools.

I finished R1 applications two weeks ago, so I don’t know where I’m headed yet. I have, however, received interview invites from two of the four schools I applied to; the other two are still TBD. When the time (finally) comes to choose a school that I’ve been accepted to, I’ll know who to call first. Thank you, Ross!

P.S. to all the readers out there - I’m a firm believer in paying things forward. If I can be of any assistance or help with your application process, please don’t hesitate to reach out via private message.

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